Digital Pharmaceutical Marketing : A Review

Digital has become an important part of the everyday life. All the sectors have been adapting to the digital era at a faster rate. However other than the website, the pharma industry has not quite been able to adopt digital marketing. In this era more pharmaceutical companies utilize social media sites or ecommerce sites as digital marketing platform. This enables online purchase of products by the customers. Some organizations are trying to understand the true value of digital while others are integrating it into the wider marketing strategy. However all the companies cannot sell products online as they manufacture prescription drugs, which cannot be sold online. For example, Pfizer is active and responsive to the customers via social networking platforms. YouTube, Facebook and Twitter were used to communicate with customers. Johnson and Johnson was one of the first companies to launch a YouTube channel. Quantum Pharmaceuticals and The Specials Lab, North East based pharmaceutical companies offer online ordering of special medicines promoting e-commerce and digital marketing.

Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
Parekh, Dhara; Kapupara, Pankaj; Shah, Ketan
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