Digital Media: Rise of On-demand Content

Deloitte’s aim with this point of view is to catalyze discussions around significant developments that may require companies or governments to respond. Deloitte provides a view on what may happen, what could likely occur as a consequence, and the likely implications for various types of ecosystem players. This publication is inspired by the huge opportunity presented by on-demand content, especially digital audio and video in India. Our objective with this report is to analyze the key market trends in past, and expected developments in the near to long-term future which are likely to have a significant impact on companies operating in this space in India. Our endeavor is to provide a considered point of view on key industry trends and developments in key sub-sectors. In some cases, we seek to identify the drivers behind major inflection points and  milestones while in others our intent is to explain fundamental challenges and roadblocks that might need due consideration. We also aim to cover the different monetization methods that the players are experimenting with in the evolving Indian digital content market in order to come up with the most optimal operating model. Arguably, the bigger challenge in identification of the future milestones about this evolving industry and ecosystem is not about forecasting what technologies or services will emerge or be enhanced, but in how they will be adopted. Deloitte hopes that you and your colleagues find this point of view a useful stimulant in your strategic thinking and planning.

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