Digital & Media Predictions 2016

Successful marketing is all about delivering the right content to the right person in the right context. As we enter 2016, Millward Brown weighs in on emerging trends ranging from the complexities of consumer journey marketing and the rapidly evolving media mix to content marketing strategy, and challenges in programmatic buying, where there is a content versus context battle underway.

We've focused on the growing importance for brands to manage context and content in the year ahead. Marketers, who adopt a planning approach that recognizes media channels as a way of distributing content as opposed to a device or a technology, will have the most success in 2016.

While the evolution of new platforms and technologies presents brands with many opportunities, the adoption of these brings a responsibility for advertisers, agencies and media owners to ensure brand building will thrive. We've also addressed declining receptivity to advertising, the risk for brands whose digital content is not well executed, and the marketing wins we will see for those who get it right.

Millward Brown
Millward Brown
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