Digital marketing strategies that Millennials find appealing, motivating, or just annoying

 With the increasing usage of digital media by consumers, more companies are using digital marketing to reach their target markets. The purpose of this study is to examine various marketing strategies that are commonly used in digital media and ascertain which ones are preferred by Millennials and are effective in influencing behavior. Millennials have been identified as a driving force behind online shopping. While there have been numerous studies about online advertising, there has been little academic research focused on what types of digital marketing strategies are preferred by Millennials and which ones influence their behavior. A survey of 571 Millennials indicated a preference for online coupons and side-panel ads; Millennials do not like pop-up advertising. Graphics are highly effective in grabbing their attention. Millennials will repeatedly visit a website that has competitive prices and good shipping rates. If given an incentive, such as a discount or reward, Millennials will write an online product review.

Journal of Strategic Marketing
Smith, Katherine Taken
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