Design of an enhanced Integrated Management System with Customer Experience Focus: The Business Process Framework (also known as eTOM) and ISO9001 together

The purpose of this paper is to suggest an enhanced Process model with customer experience focus and its related documentation structure applicable to many industrial contexts. Since the Business Process Framework, also known as eTOM, is originally a Process Model for Telco industry and now being used broadly in many industries, ISO9001 is a historical and generic standard with customer focus, and there is always a question about how to integrate the Business Process Framework and ISO9001, the enhanced process model will be based on the integration of the Business Process Framework and ISO9001 highlighting the customer aspects to meet the current trends within Telco and many other industries. The management system, containing the organization, the processes based on this integration, and the performance management system is called an Integrated Management System (IMS). The paper focus is on the processes and its introduction is about Telco Business context since the Business Process Framework was born within this industry. But, the suggested IMS is applicable to many service companies and many organizational units of any industry (Ex.: any Information System organizational unit, with its service Portfolios, of any industry) since the Business Process Framework and ISO9001 are too.

International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI)
Benhima, Mounire; Reilly, John P; Benhima, Hamid
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