The Definitive Guide to Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution

This book was created to help B2B marketers tie marketing spend to revenue. While it provides a deep basic explanation of the building blocks required, it assumes the reader is not new to Marketing. Those who will get the most from this book are marketing leaders who carry budget responsibility and have performance metrics tied to revenue or pipeline—generally director-level and above. Organizations who stand to benefit most from automated multi-touch revenue rely on their CRM for sales enablement and have fully implemented marketing automation. Typically these companies are approaching or above $1M/year in marketing spend. This book does not cover top-of-funnel eCommerce and click attribution such as those tracked using UTM tags. It specifically applies to B2B campaign attribution. By reading this book, you will gain an understanding of the revenue attribution landscape, the models available and what you need to prepare your organization for multi-touch ROI.

Bright Funnel
Bright Funnel
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