Customer journey measures - State of the art research and best practices

We have conducted a systematic review of the scientific literature on customer journeys to support our work on customer journey measures in the research project Customer Care 2015. A total of 54 journal and conference papers have been analysed along with the background literature referred in these papers.
Key insights from the review include:
• Customer journey measures should support customer journey mapping, that is, analyses to identify customer journeys in terms of phases, touchpoints, and experiences.
• Customer journey mapping may be based on internal collaboration to identify generic journeys and customer data to identify actual journeys. However, studies comparing generic and actual journeys, to identify gaps, are remarkably absent.
• The state of the art for mapping and measuring actual journeys with customers is fragmented. Interviews and observations are the most prominent methods. Interesting alternative methods include the service walkthrough method and customer-initiated data-collection through smartphones.
• The sequential incident technique (SIT) and long-term user experience methods may serve as inspiration for future method development.
• Standard measures for customer experience are needed as part of the customer journey measures. Both retrospective and concurrent data collection methods are relevant.

SINTEF Research
Asbjørn, Følstad; Knut,Kvale; Ragnhild, Halvorsrud
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