Customer Journey Mapping of an Experience-Centric Service by Mobile Self-reporting: Testing the Qualiwall Tool

A focus on the user experience and user-centric perspective are considered to be essential in today’s product and service development processes. Technological advancements during the last two decades have made user studies based on digital, mobile self-reporting possible. The goal of this study is to report on our experiences using a mobile self-reporting tool called Qualiwall for the customer journey mapping of an experience-centric service. The results indicate that the Qualiwall tool is especially suitable for mapping the customer experiences because it enables the collection of rich, real-time and in-situ data; however, it also possesses certain disadvantages. To arrive at more general conclusions, future research will focus on piloting the Qualiwall tool in other service-related user research situations as well.

Conference Paper from Aalto University
Kojo, Inka; Heiskala, Mikko; Virtanen, Juho-Pekka
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