The Customer Experience Index, 2012

This report provides benchmarks of the quality of customer experience at major companies. It should be used to help customer experience professionals set goals and optimize as they transform their firm into an experience-driven organization. To assess the state of customer experience in 2012, Forrester asked more than 7,600 US consumers about their interactions with a variety of companies. Based on their responses, we calculated Customer Experience Index scores for 160 brands across 13 industries. Customer experience professionals can use both the index and the methodology to see how they stack up against other companies with regard to customer experience quality. Looking to boost your brand's Customer Experience Index score for next year? Use customer journey maps and customer experience ecosystem maps to identify customer pain points and what's causing them. But don't stop there. Make sure that the fixes you make stick by transforming the organization so that the kinds of decisions that created customer pain don't happen again.

Forrester Report
Burns, Megan
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