Creating Optimal Customer Journeys with Programmatic Marketing

In the age of omnichannel retail, consumer journeys have become more diffuse than ever before, thanks in
part to the rapid proliferation of digital media channels.
That diffusion has made it imperative for retail brands to connect with consumers across all relevant digital media channels, including desktop display, social media, mobile, and video, in order to help drive consumers down a non-linear path to purchase. In this paradigm of precise user segmentation and highly contextual digital messaging, programmatic marketing has become an extremely powerful tool. In fact, retail brands have seen such great success with multichannel programmatic marketing that two-thirds of these brands are driving even more media dollars to programmatic, according to a 2015 survey of retail marketers conducted by WBR Digital and MediaMath. This white paper will explore how programmatic marketing enables brands to influence customer journeys across digital channels to drive business outcomes.

WBR Digital
WBR Digital
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