Comparative Effectiveness of Radio, Print and Web Advertising

It is a well-researched fact that TV advertising is the most effective form of advertising; but this fact is now met with much skepticism. Also, in comparison to TV, the potential of other media such as radio, print and web, are not given due importance. The objective of this study is to compare the effectiveness of radio, print and web advertising over and above TV advertising. 

The findings of this study shed some light on the potential of the internet and radio as medium of advertising. It shows the growing importance of internet advertising in consumer purchase behaviour. It speaks of the popularity of radio, especially among the youth. It also shows how much the Indian consumer values word of mouth over the other media. It presents a brief idea about consumers’ media preferences for different product categories. Finally, it gives enough reason to believe that TV advertising is indeed the most effective medium of advertising and that the potential of internet and radio as effective advertising medium can no longer be overlooked. With the advent of new technology, two or more media can be combined and this prospect offers great new avenues to be exploited.

Social Science Research Network
Dash, Mihir; Belgaonkar, Prithvi
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