CMO Solution Guide: Demystifying Omnichannel Marketing to Create a Winning Strategy for CMOs

Omnichannel marketing is a trending buzzword, but it is much, much more than that. It is a holistic strategy that leads to
the Holy Grail of long-term customer relationships sought by every B2B and B2C organization. By creating a frictionless,
customer-focused world for your customers, they become your greatest advocate and, ultimately, they are your
marketers. Thus, keeping customers happy and engaged via omnichannel is well worth the investment.
If omnichannel is emerging as the nirvana of marketing strategies, how many marketers are actually adopting and
evaluating this approach, and what are they finding? To unpack the disconnect, The CMO Club, in partnership with
Rakuten Marketing, recently surveyed 122 Chief Marketing Officers across a wide range of B2B and B2C organizations.
We asked specific questions about the state, scope, and success of omnichannel marketing in their current roadmap.
Our research also included one-on-one conversations with CMOs who are leading the pack in the implementation
of omnichannel strategies. What we learned confirmed our suspicions about the roadblocks, and reaffirmed our
conviction that an integrated multi-channel approach is a winning strategy and competitive advantage.

The CMO Solution Guide
The CMO Club, Rakuten Marketing
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