Cause-related marketing: a new perspective on achieving campaign objectives amongst fast moving consumer goods

In recent years the UK has seen a proliferation of cause-related marketing (CRM) campaigns amongst fast moving consumer goods (FMCGs). These campaigns present a mine-field of choices facing brand managers, the most critical being which campaign design will meet the required objectives. This paper presents two alternative approaches to CRM, namely the persuasion and salience approaches, by which campaign objectives may be achieved.

The persuasion approach is characterized by the use of CRM as a sales promotion tool to build brand share and win consumers. The salience approach, however, seeks to utilize CRM in order to defend brand share by increasing brand meaning amongst existing consumers and encouraging brand trial amongst non-users.

The paper explores both approaches to CRM throughout the campaign planning process and concludes that the salience route should be favoured over the persuasion alternative which threatens to undermine what is a potentially powerful tool for FMCG brand managers.

Strategic Change
Taylor, Lyvia Royd
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