The Business Case for Optimizing Customer Journeys

If one bad experience is enough to stop a customer from doing business with a brand, what does that say about the mounting expectations that marketers are facing? Consumers are not just comparing their experiences with your brand against those they’ve had with your direct competitors; today, they’re comparing their experiences with your brand against the best experiences they’ve ever had — with any brand. There’s little doubt that optimizing your customer journeys makes sense for your brand and your bottom line; but it’s easier said than done. Merkle digs into the non-linear funnel that makes up the new customer journey. Through real-life cases, we detail the challenges and immense opportunities that surround optimization. You’ll gain understanding of: The critical capabilities of the data that reveals a 360-degree view of the customer, The intelligence required to really understand your audience, and The strategic roadmap to execute on a people-based marketing strategy.

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