Build A Push And Pull Social Marketing Process

To prepare for the future of interactive marketing, as marketers you must follow the CORE directive to: customize marketing experiences, optimize decisions and processes, respond to changing market conditions, and empower customers and staff to advocate for you. A key piece of embracing CORE is creating nimble processes to respond to customer needs and changing market conditions. Responsive marketers address their customers' needs by pulling social interactions onto their own sites and by pushing conversations onto external social networks. This report outlines how interactive marketers can design effective organizational processes for social marketing. In particular, a combination of push and pull strategies will help them to find the right opportunities to respond, to free up resources they need to respond, and to iterate marketing programs based on customer feedback. This report updates "Become Responsive Through Push And Pull Social Media Marketing Strategies" originally released to clients on September 20, 2011.

Parrish, Melissa
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