Bridge Complex Customer Journeys With Continuous Business Services

Digitally empowered customers are redefining how business is won, forcing firms to become digital businesses that leverage digital technologies across the ecosystem. Winning in this fast-paced digital era requires CIOs to adopt a new approach. Traditional solutions fail to support the ongoing changes that customers demand and can't keep up with the compounded complexity of customer-journey moments through multiple channels and across multiple organizations. This report looks at the emerging use of continuous business services (CBSes) to bridge this complexity. A CBS is a discrete business service that is managed to continuously provide a specific outcome and that can be composed into customer-journey-moment solutions by the specialists skilled in channel technologies like mobile, Web, and call center. The success of the CBS model is as much about addressing the business challenge of cross-organizational work as it is about the technologies and development methodologies used to build CBSes.

Forrester Report
Cameron, Bobby
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