A Bias For Action

In today’s hyper-digitized world, brands can reach and interact with
consumers in more ways than ever. But when it comes to driving
action, the end game of all marketing, are all channels created equal?
To find out, Canada Post partnered with leading neuromarketing research and strategy
firm True Impact Marketing on a major study – the largest of its kind, in fact – that
quantified the relative effectiveness of physical (direct mail) and digital (email, display)
advertising media by way of their impacts on the consumer’s brain. Their hypothesis?
Direct mail is more action-oriented than digital media because its physical format
stimulates the underlying mental processes that guide consumer behaviour.
The researchers focused on the two key indicators of media effectiveness – ease
of understanding and persuasiveness – examining the brain imaging metrics that
correspond with each. Through these tests, direct mail proved the most effective
advertising media, outperforming digital channels consistently – and, in some cases,
significantly. These findings suggest that while the digital space provides essential
platforms for customer interaction, physical media is better suited to close the
marketing-sales loop, or the gap between interaction and action.

Canada Post
Canada Post
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