Better Customer Relationships Require Trusted Data

High quality customer data is required to support every point in the customer journey. The right customer information in context allows companies to deliver positive customer experiences which can increase customer loyalty and revenue. Yet data management capabilities in customer relationship management (CRM) applications are not sufficient to manage data quality, especially when companies use multiple systems of record, have complex account hierarchies, or require sophisticated customer intelligence and customer views for engagement and processes. This report outlines the impact of poor CRM data on business outcomes. It describes how data quality tools can extend and complement CRM operations and offers guidance to application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals supporting data management efforts on how to leverage the core strengths of CRM and data quality tools to produce trusted data.

Forrester Report
Goetz, Michele; Leggett, Kate; Owens, Leslie; Powers, Stephen; Boutan, Victoria; Datta, Deepti; Komlenic, Abigail
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