The Best B2B Social Networking Channels To Grow Your Business

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An effective way for B2B companies to target potential customers is to use social media networks. This article discusses six of the best social media platforms for B2B companies. Different platforms serve different purposes. For content marketing purposes, LinkedIn can assist businesses in reaching a targeted audience and interact with other professionals. Twitter is another effective social media network that businesses can use to engage with followers, with the goal of humanizing their brand. Facebook is a cost-effective social network for B2B marketers, with the ability to resolve customer queries efficiently and thus improve customer satisfaction. Using Facebook can also increase website traffic, as Facebook offers the ability to add a website URL to a business’s Facebook page. Moreover, with the increase of active users on Instagram, 48% of brands are using Instagram for marketing. Not only can Instagram marketing leverage user-generated content, but businesses can also interact with users by using hashtags. SlideShare, owned by LinkedIn, is widely used by B2B marketers, since this platform offers the ability to reach a large number of professionals and improve the SEO.

Shane Barker
Shane Barker
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