B2B Marketing Data Capturing and Managing Data for Actionable Insights

Data is of utmost importance for business-to-business (B2B) marketers who are trying to deliver targeted and personalized content in account-based marketing. However, many of these marketers are unable to execute such strategies because of the lack of appropriate data-management programs. Internal marketing programs, internal sales and customer service, and third-party information vendors are the most effective sources of marketing data, according to a worldwide survey of B2B marketers by Ascend2 and ReachForce in March 2018. This report includes a breakdown of all the different types of data B2B brands can capture from their audience. It also covers best practices on how to source this data and the best ways to manage and integrate it for actionable insights. Most importantly, it answers the question of whether your company needs a marketing data-management strategy and if so, why investment in people is needed to make the most of your data.

Jillian Ryan
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