Attitudes towards Mobile Advertising – A Research to Determine the Differences between the Attitudes of Youth and Adults

The aim of this study is to determine whether there is a difference between the attitudes of youth and adults towards mobile advertising. As it is known, youth and adults are two quite different consumer groups in terms of their consumption styles and patterns. The differences show themselves in various aspects such as product, brand, advertising message, and media preference. From this point of view, it was aimed in the study to investigate the attitudes of youth and adults towards mobile advertising and whether there was a difference between their acceptance-rejection behaviors regarding mobile advertising. In the direction of the purpose of the study, a questionnaire is administered to the youth and adults living in Erzurum/Turkey. In the study, primarily the variables having roles in creating an attitude towards mobile advertisements, and the relationships between intention and acceptance-rejection behavior towards mobile advertisements were investigated. According to the results, an advertisement's being entertaining, informative, reliable, personalized, and its being sent with permission has a positive effect on creating attitudes towards mobile advertisements. There is also a difference between the attitudes, intentions and behaviors of Youth and adults towards mobile advertisements.

Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences
Ünal, Sevtap; Ercis, Aysel; Keser, Ercan
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