Analysis of the Impact of Mobile Marketing on Passenger Experience and Satisfaction at the Airport

The availability of new airport applications help passengers manage their time at the airport in an efficient way, inasmuch as these applications provide real-time information. The results of this study confirm the fact that the multifunctionality of the mobile marketing tool favours the effectiveness of the processes carried out by passengers at the airport. The main objectives of this research are focused on analyzing the basic concepts about mobile marketing and mobile applications, and assessing the impact of this tool in the levels of user satisfaction and improvement of the image/perception of the airport thanks to the app. This study will help to achieve a better understanding of the interaction between the airport and passengers through the use of smartphones.

International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology
Florido-Benítez, Lázaro; Martínez, Benjamín del Alcázar; Robles, Eva María González
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