The Always Addressable Customer

Discover the new ultra-connected customer, for whom mobile is the key touchpoint. In 2010, we entered the era of pervasive interactivity, in which more people access the Internet more frequently from more devices in more places than ever before. But this trend has now reached a tipping point and given rise to always addressable customers. And their numbers are swelling fast: They already make up more than one-third of US online adults. So you cannot ignore this trend if you want to stay relevant. As you think about mobile marketing, you must understand the always addressable customer — an important part of your audience today, quickly evolving to become the majority of your audience tomorrow. This report defines always addressable customers and their behaviors and provides a framework for creating successful programs to engage them. This report is a minor update of "The Always Addressable Customer," originally published on August 6, 2012.

Parrish, Melissa; Mullen Anthony; Riley, Emily; Truog, David; Knott, Jason; Komar, Elizabeth; Wise, Jennifer
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