The Age-Neutral Customer Journey

Nobody wants to feel old as a result of choosing or using a particular product or service. For this reason, age-based products and positionings will have limited appeal for mature consumers, particularly the aging baby boomer generation. These marketing-wise, life-experienced consumers will expect any purchase experience to be age-neutral. This will require just about every consumer business to make subtle or even radical changes to their product-development, marketing and after-sales approach. Changes that accommodate the relentless effects of physiological aging.
 This chapter demonstrates why and how businesses and brands should become age-neutral. Using three distinct case studies, we introduce SilverAudit™, a unique process that measures and monitors age neutrality by applying 150 “experiences” of the customer journey against 15 identified “effects” of aging.
 By making products, services and the entire customer experience “age-neutral” businesses can understand, measure, and ultimately remove the barriers between their products and services and mature customers, thereby unlocking the vast spending power of the “senior” markets.

The Silver Market Phenomenon
Walker, Kim
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