Advertising effects? An Elemental Experiment

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In a digital world it is easy to dismiss print advertising as an option, but research from the Australasian Marketing Journal shows that print still succeeds in evoking emotional response in the consumer. The researchers ran six experiments that showed participants ads with varied color, type-face, text design and connotation. All of these design elements were shown to evoke relevant emotions, highlighting the importance all of these elements bring to an advertisement. While each element brings forward a specific response, this can change based on the context. For example, Times New Roman font has created positive emotional responses in other studies, but in this study the typeface also evoked a negative response. This shows that even small elements of an ad in different contexts can create unwanted confusion for the consumer, especially for ads that generate strong emotions like wedding and funeral advertisements.

Australasian Marketing Journal (AMJ)
Tej Pochun, Linda Brennan, Lukas Parker
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