3 Differences Between B2C and B2B Social Media Marketing

A hand turning a dice, changing the expression from "B2B" to "B2C" (or vice versa)

The majority of B2C companies are early adopters of social media marketing, but B2B companies remain skeptical due to the inability to measure the effectiveness of social marketing activities. This paper focuses on three differences in social media platforms for B2B compared to B2C companies. The first difference lies in format of content. B2C companies focus heavily on casual visual content, but B2B companies pay more attention to professional types of content. Another difference is with the social media channel. B2C companies aim to capture audiences’ attention and improve community engagement, so engagement tools, like YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, are more effective for B2C marketers. However, B2B companies focus on social networks that can leverage not only engagement, but also content distribution, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. B2C and B2B companies also differ in goals and performance metrics. The goal of B2C companies is to increase awareness, but the goal for B2B companies is lead generation.

Ben Green
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