2017 and Beyond:A Guide to Loyalty Strategies for an Omnichannel World

Loyalty programs have traditionally been associated with generic discounts or opportunities to earn redeemable points. According to eMarketer, while loyalty membership enrollments are rising, active participation is falling - and this is largely because brands fail to connect and engage customers in meaningful ways. Effective loyalty programs - those that drive enrollments and engagements to get people talking - create unique customer experiences, and brands need to change their strategies to deliver on high customer expectations and build that deeper connection with their customers to establish long-lasting loyalty. Download 2017 and Beyond: A Guide to Loyalty Strategies for an Omnichannel World to learn: The five best loyalty strategies to build long-lasting emotional connections and customer lifetime value, examples of proven loyalty programs that are creating buzz and engaging with customers effectively and creatively, and statistics to support why strategies are resonating with customers.

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