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7/2016 It's Time To Unleash The Database Of Affinity Research Forrester $
2/2015 Managing Customer Acquisition Risk Using Co-operative Databases Research Journal of Interactive Marketing $
10/2016 How Analytics Drives Customer Life-Cycle Management Research Forrester $
12/2013 Six Steps for Higher Education CIOs to Succeed With Digital Marketing by Learning From Manufacturing Research Gartner $
5/2016 Understanding Customer Experience throughout the Customer Journey Research Journal of Marketing $
10/2013 Marketing Technology Enables Your Customer Engagement IT Strategy Research Gartner $
2/2016 Market Trends: The Impact of Mobile Device Proliferation on Consumer Research Research Gartner $
12/2015 Multichannel customer segmentation: Does the after-sales channel matter? A replication and extension Research International Journal of Research in Marketing $
1/2014 Established Media Brands Fend Off Social Newcomers To Top TRUE Brand Rankings Research Forrester $
5/2013 The determinants of consumer behavior towards email advertisement Research Internet Research $
6/2015 Furniture Retailers and Digital Commerce: Trends and Benchmarks Research eMarketer $
4/2015 2015: The Year Of The Big Digital Shift Research Forrester $
8/2014 Use Social Networking Sites to Generate Social Commerce Revenue Research Gartner $
3/2016 Adapting to the pace of omnichannel commerce Research WBR Digital & emarsys $
4/2016 How to Align Customer Experience With Marketing Channel Operations Research Gartner $