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10/2011 Marketing Essentials: New Digital Options for Qualitative Consumer Insight Research Gartner $
10/2011 Consumer profiles in reality vs fantasy-based virtual worlds: implications for brand entry Research Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing $
10/2011 Going Mobile?: Smartphone marketing efforts just make sense Research Marketing Health Services $
9/2011 Marketers Need To Take Accountability For Creative Strategy Research Forrester $
9/2011 The Repetition-Break Plot Structure Makes Effective Television Advertisements Research Journal of Marketing Free
9/2011 Use Interactive Marketing Dashboards To Improve Decision-Making Research Forrester $
9/2011 Marketing Essentials: Strategic Alternatives on How to Leverage Consumer Apps to Extend Brand Impact Research Gartner $
9/2011 Unveiling videos: Consumer-generated ads as qualitative inquiry Research Psychology & Marketing $
9/2011 Social Marketing Campaigns: Comparison of Social and Traditional Media Research American Dietetic Association. Journal of the American Dietetic Association $
9/2011 Role and Responsibilities of the Marketing Operations Director Research Gartner $
9/2011 Direct-Response Bookselling: How it Died, Why it is Alive Again, and Why it will Become Even More Important in the Future Research Publishing Research Quarterly $
9/2011 Shopper Marketing Breaks Out Of The Store Research Forrester $
9/2011 Market Trends: Social Media and Gamification Developments in Television Broadcasting Research Gartner $
9/2011 Use Social Intelligence To Improve Email Marketing Success Research Forrester $
8/2011 Measuring the Lifetime Value of Customers Acquired from Google Search Advertising Research Marketing Science Free