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2/2015 Hispanic-Americans, Mobile Advertising and Mobile Services Research Journal of Promotion Management $
9/2011 Role and Responsibilities of the Marketing Operations Director Research Gartner $
11/2016 How B2B Marketing Automation Service Providers Help Drive Marketing Transformation Research Forrester $
12/2015 Walking a Mile in the User's Shoes: Customer Journey Mapping as a Method to Understanding the User Experience Research Internet Reference Services Quarterly $
9/2016 Brief: TV Planning Goes Data-Driven And Audience-Based Research Forrester $
11/2013 Extreme trust: the new competitive advantage Research Strategy & Leadership $
2/2014 Tip The Balance From Reference Customers To Advocates Research Forrester $
9/2011 Direct-Response Bookselling: How it Died, Why it is Alive Again, and Why it will Become Even More Important in the Future Research Publishing Research Quarterly $
7/2015 The Social Programs Every B2C Marketer Should Study Research Forrester $
10/2013 Design Your Social Media Strategy to Support Customer Engagement Research Gartner $
10/2013 Marketing Technology Enables Your Customer Engagement IT Strategy Research Gartner $
2/2016 Market Trends: The Impact of Mobile Device Proliferation on Consumer Research Research Gartner $
4/2013 Determine The Best Attribution Provider Based On Long-Term Measurement Needs Research Forrester $
12/2015 Multichannel customer segmentation: Does the after-sales channel matter? A replication and extension Research International Journal of Research in Marketing $
10/2012 Develop Content Capabilities Now Research Forrester $