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1/2007 Cause-related marketing: a new perspective on achieving campaign objectives amongst fast moving consumer goods Research Strategic Change $
12/2015 How to wow with service innovation: Trend-spotting approach to unique lifestyles Research Strategic Direction $
2/2016 Social media marketing must start at the top Research Strategic Direction $
1/2013 Mobile age provides marketing bonanza: But there are pitfalls as well as opportunities Research Strategic Direction $
11/2015 Social media as the path to a marketing strategy: Companies must become “curators” to meet the challenge Research Strategic Direction $
8/2013 Converting the nonstop customer into a loyal customer Research Strategy & Leadership $
3/2013 Using the customer journey to road test and refine the business model Research Strategy & Leadership $
11/2013 Extreme trust: the new competitive advantage Research Strategy & Leadership $
3/2014 Innovative ways companies are using design thinking Research Strategy & Leadership $
3/2012 Value Propositions and Marketing Objectives Research Successful Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations: Winning in the Age of the Elusive Donor, Second Edition $
10/2017 Planning and Measuring Social Media Campaigns Research Sysomos Free
6/2019 How To Increase Website Engagement Through User Generated Content Research Taggbox Free
9/2017 The Critical Bridge for Marketers Looking to Develop More Cohesive Customer Engagement Research Tealium Free
10/2018 A guide to customer lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and unit economics Research TechInAsia Free
4/2015 System and method for specification of a marketing mix econometric model using feedback from a digital attribution system Research Technical Disclosure Commons Free