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5/2016 Market Insight: In-App Transactions Drive Higher Spending, Improve Customer Experience Research Gartner $
11/2012 "Owner" And "Sponsor" B2B Community Success Metrics Research Forrester $
6/2015 Apparel Retailers and Digital Commerce: Trends and Benchmarks Research eMarketer $
12/2013 Strategic Road Map for Creating a Convenient Commerce Experience Research Gartner $
12/2009 The Role of TV Commercial Visuals in Forming Memorable and Impressive Destination Images Research Journal of Travel Research $
11/2014 Better Customer Relationships Require Trusted Data Research Forrester Report $
11/2015 BIA/Kelsey's U.S. Local Advertising Forecast for 2016 Research BIA/Kelsey $
4/2014 Participative marketing: extending social media marketing through the identification and interaction capabilities from the Internet of things Research Personal and Ubiquitous Computing $
2/2015 Brief: Take Social Customer Service Beyond Your Own Walled Garden Research Forrester $
7/2012 Using Humor in Advertising: When Does it Work? Research Southern Business Review $
12/2014 How Digital Conversations Reinforce Super Bowl Advertising Research Journal of Advertising Research $
11/2013 Inclusion of social marketing objectives on the nation's health agenda: A case study Research APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition 2013 $
9/2011 Shopper Marketing Breaks Out Of The Store Research Forrester $
1/2012 How Does Social Media Contribute To Customer Experience? Let Us Count The Ways Research Forrester Report $
1/2015 How Credible is E-Word of Mouth Across Digital-Marketing Channels? The Roles of Social Capital, Information Richness, and Interactivity Research Journal of Advertising Research $