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1/2014 Established Media Brands Fend Off Social Newcomers To Top TRUE Brand Rankings Research Forrester $
4/2015 2015: The Year Of The Big Digital Shift Research Forrester $
3/2011 The Secret of Television's Success: Emotional Content or Rational Information? Research Journal of Advertising Research $
2/2011 Can't Pay, Won't Pay: Why Paid Digital Content Isn't Working Research Forrester $
4/2013 Determine The Best Attribution Provider Based On Long-Term Measurement Needs Research Forrester $
11/2011 Competitive Landscape: Location-Based Advertising and Marketing Research Gartner $
9/2016 Tech Go-to-Market: Three Steps to a Differentiated Messaging Foundation Research Gartner $
10/2012 Develop Content Capabilities Now Research Forrester $
10/2015 The Neuroscience of Touch Research Sappi North America $
9/2012 Exploding the Legend of TV Advertising and Price Promotions Research Journal of Advertising Research $
9/2011 Shopper Marketing Breaks Out Of The Store Research Forrester $
12/2015 Your Digital Experience Technology Strategy Starts With A Customer Journey Map Research Forrester Report $
12/2013 Six Steps for Higher Education CIOs to Succeed With Digital Marketing by Learning From Manufacturing Research Gartner $
10/2011 Consumer profiles in reality vs fantasy-based virtual worlds: implications for brand entry Research Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing $
10/2013 Marketing Technology Enables Your Customer Engagement IT Strategy Research Gartner $