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12/2011 Introducing the Ad ECG: How the Set-Top Box Tracks the Lifeline of Television Research Journal of Advertising Research $
6/2015 CRM Plus Marketing Automation Equals Engagement Research Forrester $
2/2011 Marketing Essentials: How to Engage the Blogosphere in Media Relations Programs Research Gartner $
8/2011 US Interactive Marketing Forecast, 2011 To 2016 Research Forrester $
12/2015 Your Digital Experience Technology Strategy Starts With A Customer Journey Map Research Forrester Report $
2/2015 Managing Customer Acquisition Risk Using Co-operative Databases Research Journal of Interactive Marketing $
2/2011 Can't Pay, Won't Pay: Why Paid Digital Content Isn't Working Research Forrester $
12/2014 How Digital Conversations Reinforce Super Bowl Advertising Research Journal of Advertising Research $
11/2011 Competitive Landscape: Location-Based Advertising and Marketing Research Gartner $
2/2016 Market Trends: The Impact of Mobile Device Proliferation on Consumer Research Research Gartner $
1/2012 How Does Social Media Contribute To Customer Experience? Let Us Count The Ways Research Forrester Report $
10/2015 The Neuroscience of Touch Research Sappi North America $
12/2015 Multichannel customer segmentation: Does the after-sales channel matter? A replication and extension Research International Journal of Research in Marketing $
11/2018 eMarketer Releases New Addressable TV Ad Spending Estimates Research eMarketer $
5/2013 The determinants of consumer behavior towards email advertisement Research Internet Research $