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2/2015 Brief: Take Social Customer Service Beyond Your Own Walled Garden Research Forrester $
8/2011 How To Develop An Interactive Marketing Content Plan Research Forrester $
11/2015 BIA/Kelsey's U.S. Local Advertising Forecast for 2016 Research BIA/Kelsey $
12/2014 Billboard and cinema advertising: Missed opportunity or spoiled arms? Research International Journal of Research in Marketing $
4/2011 Embedding Social Media Into The Marketing Mix Research Forrester Report $
4/2014 Participative marketing: extending social media marketing through the identification and interaction capabilities from the Internet of things Research Personal and Ubiquitous Computing $
11/2014 Estimating the incremental effects of interactions for marketing attribution Research Behavior, Economic and Social Computing (BESC), 2014 International Conference $
8/2013 Converting the nonstop customer into a loyal customer Research Strategy & Leadership $
1/2012 Leveraging Sponsorships to Meet Organizational Marketing Objectives: A Case Study of a Consumer Packaged Good Product With the Super Bowl Research Case Studies In Sport Management $
10/2016 Drive Returns With Adaptive Content Promotion Research Forrester $
5/2012 Social Media Amplifies Your B2B Buyers' Experiences Research Forrester $
1/2015 FOLLOWERSHIP AND SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING Research Academy of Marketing Studies Journal $
3/2012 The Power of "Like": How Brands Reach (and Influence) Fans Through Social-Media Marketing Research Journal of Advertising Research $
11/2016 How B2B Marketing Automation Service Providers Help Drive Marketing Transformation Research Forrester $
3/2013 Case Study: Emirates Uses Customer Journey Maps To Keep The Brand On Course Research Forrester Report $