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12/2011 Introducing the Ad ECG Research Journal of Advertising Research $
12/2011 The Prevalence and Influence of the Combination of Humor and Violence in Super Bowl Commercials Research Journal of Advertising Free
12/2011 Test Interactive Marketing Opportunities On The Second Screen Research Forrester $
12/2011 That was funny, but what was the brand again? Research International Journal of Advertising $
12/2011 Marketing Essentials: How to Use Online Video Marketing Research Gartner $
12/2011 Introducing the Ad ECG: How the Set-Top Box Tracks the Lifeline of Television Research Journal of Advertising Research $
12/2011 Customer experience quality: an exploration in business and consumer contexts using repertory grid technique Research Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Free
11/2011 Driving Online and Offline Sales: The Cross-Channel Effects of Digital versus Traditional Advertising Research Journal of Marketing Research $
11/2011 How Personal Identity Management Will Change Social Marketing Relationships Research Forrester $
11/2011 Marketing Essentials: 10 Ways to Raise Awareness Research Gartner $
11/2011 When To Hire A Social Media Boutique Agency Research Forrester $
11/2011 Context effects of TV programme-induced interactivity and telepresence on advertising responses Research International Journal of Advertising Free
11/2011 Marketing Essentials: Four Ways to Strengthen IT-Based Quantitative Consumer Research Using the Internet and Mobile Devices Research Gartner $
11/2011 Competing for consumer memory in television advertising Research International Journal of Advertising $
11/2011 Case Study: ADT Improves Interactive Marketing Decision-Making By Using Dashboards Research Forrester $