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9/2014 Avoid the Shiny-Object Syndrome in Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Research Gartner $
3/2019 Marketing Beyond the Screen:Using Voice Technology to Boost Brand Engagement Research eMarketer $
5/2012 What To Look For When Hiring Consultants To Help With Customer Journey Maps Research Forrester Report $
12/2015 How to wow with service innovation: Trend-spotting approach to unique lifestyles Research Strategic Direction $
9/2015 Multi-channel attribution and its role in marketing investment Research Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing $
12/2013 Optimization of the annual planning of targeted offers in direct marketing Research The Journal of the Operational Research Society $
10/2016 Instagram Advertising: What Marketers Need to Know Research eMarketer $
6/2011 Marketing Essentials: Management Guide to Digital Marketing 2.0 Research Gartner $
6/2013 The Secret Sauce for Super Bowl Advertising: What Makes Marketing Work in the World's Most Watched Event? Research Journal of Advertising Research $
10/2015 Use Three Digital Commerce Marketing Techniques to Increase In-Store Sales Research Gartner $
3/2015 The State Of Cross-Channel Attribution Technologies 2015 Research The Marketing Measurement And Insights Playbook for 2016 $
9/2014 How the industry is marketing menthol cigarettes: the audience, the message and the medium Research Tobacco Control $
4/2014 The digital marketing skills gap: Developing a Digital Marketer Model for the communication industries Research International Journal of Information Management $
7/2014 The Social Technographics® Intensity Matrix Drives Tactical Success Research Forrester $
1/2012 Leveraging Sponsorships to Meet Organizational Marketing Objectives: A Case Study of a Consumer Packaged Good Product With the Super Bowl Research Case Studies In Sport Management $