Profiled here are print, social media, digital, mobile, television, radio, email, telemarketing and direct mail case studies which show how integrating various marketing methods have helped organizations increase their return on investment (ROI) in a multi-channel world.

Currently most of the case studies use direct mail as the medium. We would like to expand this library to include case studies that use a variety of media and welcome your suggestions. If you would like to contribute a case study, please reach out through the Contact Us button.


Case Studies

Date Posted Titlesort descending Industry Marketing Channel
1/2017 "Tree in a Tube" Campaign Cultivated Leads Energy / Utilities Direct Mail
10/2016 Apparel Store Generated Over 900% ROI through Direct Mail Campaign Retail & Wholesale Direct Mail
10/2016 Auto Dealer Increases Automotive Sales to Customers with Lower Credit Scores Automotive Direct Mail
10/2016 Auto Shop Re-engaged Customers through Direct Mail Automotive Direct Mail
10/2017 Automotive Industry
10/2016 Automotive Shop Gained Thousands in Revenue from Postcards Automotive Direct Mail
1/2017 Bank used Dimensional Direct Mail to Increase Sales Opportunities Finance / Insurance Direct Mail
10/2016 Beverage Company Increased its Distributers through Direct Mail Campaign Retail & Wholesale Direct Mail
5/2017 Board Game-Inspired Campaign Increases Repeat Purchases and Upsells Automotive Digital-Social Media, Mobile
6/2017 Business School Uses Sequencing to Increase Applicants Non-Profit Digital-Social Media, Direct Mail
10/2016 Business Uses Direct Mail to Expand Client Base in Motorcycle Accessories Industry Automotive Direct Mail
10/2016 Car Dealership Uses New Buyer, Personalized Packet to Increase Loyalty Automotive Digital-Social Media
7/2017 Cross Media Campaign Increases Donations by 84% Non-Profit Digital-Social Media, Direct Mail, Mobile, Print
6/2017 Cross-Media Marketing Campaign Delivers Strong ROI for CPAs Finance / Insurance Digital-Social Media, Direct Mail
6/2017 Direct Mail Campaign Wins Back Customers Food Service Digital-Social Media, Direct Mail
10/2016 Direct Mail Generated Additional Patients for Dental Practice Healthcare / Pharmaceuticals Direct Mail
10/2016 Direct Mail Used to Increase Catering Services During the Holidays Food Service Direct Mail
10/2016 Eipper Realty Generated More Leads through Mail Campaign Real Estate Direct Mail
10/2017 Fashion Apparel Company
10/2016 Fuel Supplier Expanded Customer Base through Postcards Energy / Utilities, Maintenance Services, Retail & Wholesale Direct Mail
7/2017 Furnishing Retailer Used Direct Mail to Bolster a Digital Campaign Retail & Wholesale Digital-Social Media, Direct Mail
10/2016 Gaming Company Re-engaged Customers through Mailpiece Leisure / Entertainment Direct Mail
11/2016 Grocer Increased Sales through Enhanced Coupon Circulars Retail & Wholesale Direct Mail
10/2016 Grocer Used Customer Data to Create Marketing Profile for Each Store Location Retail & Wholesale Digital-Social Media, Direct Mail, Print
10/2016 Importer Used Direct Mail to Increase Sales Retail & Wholesale Direct Mail