The Integrated Media Research Center is an initiative aimed at sharing and promoting market research to help marketers and companies understand how to optimize marketing communications channels, including direct mail campaign strategy. The initiative was developed by a Board of Advisors comprised of senior executives across a variety of marketing-related industries. The Board of Advisors represent organizations that conduct direct marketing, research, media planning, data analytics, advertising.

We welcome you to use this website as a resource for market research and case studies about the value of each marketing medium and how its effectiveness can be enhanced and accurately measured. Our goal is that, by sharing this comprehensive information, you can maximize the impact of your marketing dollars, ultimately increasing the value of all media. We also invite you to join the online discussion about existing and needed research and case studies. Four members of the Board of Advisors are featured below.

About the Integrated Media Research Center

Featured Board Members

Lisa Rapp

Director of Products - Acxiom

Lisa Rapp - Director of Products - Acxiom

Today’s marketing landscape is complex and fragmented. Marketers are competing with each other for customer attention and loyalty. Markets want to know how to optimize the customer experience across channels and how to maximize ad spend. The Integrated Media Research Center is intended to be a comprehensive resource of information to assist marketers with these pain points. I am an active participant in this organization as I want this resource to evolve into a community of advertisers, publishers, mailers, agencies who can create best practices and knowledge share.


Elissa Moses

CEO - Ipsos Neuro & Behavioral Science Center

Elissa Moses - CEO - Ipsos Neuro & Behavioral Science Center

The establishment of the Integrated Media Research Center enables marketers, media planners, agencies and researchers to have a heightened understanding of which channel best plays what role in the customer journey from awareness to perception to desire. Every so often we have to reset our assumptions about how media works because the media landscape is ever changing. Direct mail is more important than it used to be. Digital advertising is not what we thought it to be and TV advertising is still a powerhouse. Marketers and media planners, especially, will benefit from having access to the leading channel research being provided by this new website.

Andrew Joyce

Vice President - Merit Direct

Andrew Joyce - Vice President - Merit Direct

We came together to create the IMRC because nearly all of the multi-channel marketers we encounter struggle with how to attribute the revenue they earn back to the different marketing channels in which they invest. Ultimately we see two primary strategies emerge to deal with the problem: either pay enormous consulting fees for “experts” to tell the marketers things they already know or they make even larger investments in “platforms” that always over promise & under deliver from an analytics perspective. What I’m excited about with the IMRC is the opportunity for marketers to benefit from peer-to-peer experience. Absorbing real-life case studies and determining how to learn what peer companies have already tested and learned is the best strategy for understanding multi-channel attribution.

Jim Cochrane

Chief Customer and Marketing Officer & Exec VP - U.S. Postal Service

Jim Cochrane - Chief Customer and Marketing Officer & Exec VP - U.S. Postal Service

We all know our business environment is changing dramatically and rapidly. Marketing hasn’t changed, but the mediums people are consuming have. Consumers’ changing purchasing habits and media consumption habits are giving marketers an explosion of opportunity and data to navigate. We’re now bridging analog and digital, simplicity and complexity, evolution and tradition. Amid this complex landscape, mail can serve as a foundational, tangible element that initiates multi-channel engagement and catalyzes transactions.

The IMRC helps fuel insights to meet these market dynamics through research and thought leadership showing how digitally powered mail can fuel a successful omni-channel campaign in any industry or organization type.