Media channels are various media a marketer or a company uses to promote, sell and distribute its products or services. With so many choices available, deciding which channels to use and for what purposes can be challenging. This research and case study library contains key research that addresses the strengths of each media channel, how those channels can rise above the noise to provide a lift, the kinds of audiences each channel can research, as well as the value of using multiple media types in a marketing campaign.

Media Channels and Case Study Library

Date Title Document Sourcesort descending Publication Marketing Channel
6/2015 Furniture Retailers and Digital Commerce: Trends and Benchmarks Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
3/2016 Maximize Media ROI With A Customer-Centric Approach Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
1/2017 Mobile Retail Trends Report: Mobile Shopping & Influence During Cyber Week 2016 Research Urban Airship Mobile
3/2013 Survey Shows Consumer Goods Manufacturers Can Gain Competitive Advantage Through Digital Marketing Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
12/2014 Mobile Apps Survey: What Do App Users Want? Research Gartner Mobile
2/2012 How Analytics Helps Consumer Goods Brand Managers With Marketing Mix Modeling Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
7/2015 TV Campaigns Extend Reach via Facebook Ads Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
7/2015 Antecedents of social media B2B use in industrial marketing context: customers' view Research The Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing Digital / Social Media
6/2015 Marketing Practices of Vapor Store Owners Research American Journal of Public Health Any Marketing Channel
4/2014 Mobile Is The Real Driver For US Social Media Growth Research Forrester Digital / Social Media, Mobile
2/2014 Challenges and solutions for marketing in a digital era Research European Management Journal Digital / Social Media
8/2015 The State Of Retailing Online 2015: Marketing And Merchandising Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
3/2017 Infographic Commerce Snapshot Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
3/2015 Cross-Platform Attribution 2015: Device Identification, Big Data Pose Continued Challenges Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media, Mobile
1/2016 Marketing Tech Trends: 10 Things Happening in 2016 Research Rocket Fuel Marketer Trends Study Any Marketing Channel
11/2015 Predicts 2016: Intelligent Marketing Technology Will Bring Generational Change Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
6/2016 DIGITAL SHOPPER MARKETING TRENDS IN THE US Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
12/2015 Retail shopper marketing: the future of promotional flyers Research International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management Mobile
7/2013 The Social Behaviors Of Your B2B Customers Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
5/2012 Marketing meets Web 2.0, social media, and creative consumers: Implications for international marketing strategy Research Business Horizons Digital / Social Media
9/2012 Understanding social media effects across seller, retailer, and consumer interactions Research Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science Digital / Social Media
5/2017 Report: Email Marketing Benchmarks—Relevancy, Frequency, Deliverability and Mobility Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
10/2011 Going Mobile?: Smartphone marketing efforts just make sense Research Marketing Health Services Mobile
4/2016 Gartner Digital Marketing Transit Map Research Gartner Digital / Social Media, Emerging Channels, Mobile