Don’t have the time, staff, or budget to produce enough content? It’s time to add content curation to the mix. As marketers in a content-driven landscape, we are responsible for producing great content every day. But, most of us don't have the time, staff, or budget to publish at this rate. That's where content curation comes in. This hands-on page guide will teach you how to get started with content curation, by answering the following questions: 1. WHY content curation is a good idea, including a look at the new Buyer 2.0. 2.

Launching a digital Voice of Customer program for your business? Download the complete guide to plan and implement your program, including: VoC Planning Guide: Step-by-step planning guide including how to define the right KPI’s to measure progress and success, map the relevant customer journey touchpoints and select the right customer engagement methods and Customer Engagement 101: How to engage your users effectively, which engagement methods are right for you and how to create the right type of surveys for maximum impact.

Marketing leaders need to grow revenue, but they also need to deliver great customer experiences everywhere, personalize interactions across digital and offline channels, ensure the ethical use of customer data and much more. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorization. Overcoming these challenges is impossible when customer data is shattered across dozens of different marketing and advertising channels and technologies.

Trust us, we love a deep dive into a topic--and as marketers, we know you do too. But this time around, we decided to keep it simple: The Mobile Marketing Starter Kit covers the essentials--mobile messaging, onboarding, location services, and more-- behind the right marketing strategy for your app. With the Kit, you’ll be able to: Clarify the differences between the 3 types of mobile messaging, create an onboarding experience that increases user engagement, learn more about location-based marketing, and how to use it, identify the metrics that matter when you evaluate your campaigns.

What's Driving Today's Marketers? Marketers have to navigate an ever-changing landscape of channels, trends, and strategies to be successful – and email marketing is at the center of it all. This report asks: What do marketers care about? What are their biggest challenges? And most importantly, how are they solving them? With this report, you’ll arm yourself with the data you need, gather advice from industry leaders, and get action items you can use today to evolve your email marketing and overcome your toughest challenges.

Every year marketers go through the ritual of annual planning. It typically involves working with team members to update a highly complex Excel workbook and an attempt to forecast leads, opportunities, and deals into the future. Annual planning also involves working across departments to understand what marketing needs to do in order to contribute to the closing deals, generation of pipeline and the improvement in brand awareness. These objectives are large in scope, but they're made of small details.