If you’re in events management, you’re used to having your work cut out. Each new day brings with it a long list of tasks, and an inbox that won’t quit. Ensuring your event contacts and leads get a personalized experience can be stressful. That's where email marketing automation can do the heavy lifting while generating impressive returns. In this cheatsheet you'll: Go on the journey of an events organizer who's got automation figured out, discover expert advice on email marketing strategy, and get best practice tips and examples from leading brands.

Today's consumers strive to be informed and knowledgeable. They want to build relationships with brands, not just be sold to. That’s why 90% of businesses are putting more budget and resources into content marketing. However, many organizations struggle to get the curated content in front of the right audience in a way that is beneficial to both the consumer and brand. In order to achieve a sophisticated content strategy that engages consumers, marketers have to think beyond the publish button. That’s where Listrak's Predictive Content tool comes into play.

They’re even popping up in email subject lines, yet some marketers hesitate to jump on the bandwagon. Their reluctance is understandable, since a subject line can make or break an email campaign. To provide some data-based insight around emojis, we’ve created our latest guide—Emoji Use in Email Subject Lines. In this guide we explore: The most common emojis used around holidays and events throughout the year, how subscribers interact with various emojis compared to text-only subject lines, and tips for incorporating emojis into your next email campaign.

This book was created to help B2B marketers tie marketing spend to revenue. While it provides a deep basic explanation of the building blocks required, it assumes the reader is not new to Marketing. Those who will get the most from this book are marketing leaders who carry budget responsibility and have performance metrics tied to revenue or pipeline—generally director-level and above. Organizations who stand to benefit most from automated multi-touch revenue rely on their CRM for sales enablement and have fully implemented marketing automation.