Of the thousands of marketing technologies, only four are absolutely essential for digital programs. Chances are you’re missing one. Content has become a secret weapon for most marketers, but, according to Forrester, many teams lack the essential technology to connect creative content to upstream creation and downstream delivery. Learn: Which enterprise applications are essential for digital marketing, how core technologies fit together to support the complete marketing cycle, and ways to connect essential data and content.

Our eighth annual benchmarking report, Hitting the Mark, is here. Every year we evaluate the email marketing efforts of a sample of retailers and 2017 is our biggest and best yet. Not only did we extend the number of brands to 100, we also employed an advanced scoring mechanism that measured the ever-important customer experience. Get your copy for a look inside the minds of 100 global ecommerce brands, where we reveal both the winning techniques and the pitfalls from which you can learn.

Be honest with yourself: Do you have a defined social strategy for 2017?. It wasn’t long ago that retailers and brands struggled with how to monetize the popularity of social media platforms. But thanks to the success of evolving advertising programs by social giants like Facebook, it’s no longer a question of “how?,” but “how much?” In this eBook, you’ll learn: Why social marketing is essential, why social and mobile are inextricably linked, and how to survive and thrive in the 2017 social landscape.

In 2016, holiday sales increased by 4 percent over 2015, generating revenue of $658.3 billion. In addition, online sales increased by 12.6% year-over-year, indicating that holiday shopping is shifting to ecommerce. Yes Lifecycle Marketing analyzed almost 8 billion emails sent in Q4 2016 via its Yesmail360 platform to uncover insights spanning email engagement and conversion rates and identified key takeaways to help brands drive sales during the 2017 holiday season.

Whether brands are exploring the notion of a loyalty program or already have one in place, marketers are using the strategy to win and retain their customers. This Q&A offers a glimpse into the minds of the industry’s leading marketers about the current state loyalty and its future. Learn: The importance customer data plays in loyalty programs, how technology will be a driving force for loyalty and other marketing initiatives, why engagement is a critical element in loyalty strategies today, and what an omnichannel approach means for most brands 

The days of a consistent and reliable “search, click, buy” process are long gone. In its place is often a complicated web of deliberate steps, each one inching your target consumer closer to the “buy now” button over the course of many days, weeks or months. This continually-evolving journey is no longer a clear-cut funnel, but more of a maze. Each consumer path is unique and uncertain — which means today’s e-commerce seller hasn’t reached its full potential until it’s maintaining a strong presence at every twist and turn.

Your best customers typically prefer your app over your mobile website but depend on both. But even your biggest fans spend far more time in other firms’ apps, and as a result, you own too few of your customers’ mobile moments. Digital business professionals must pursue an app+ strategy to maximize their potential to win, serve, and retain their customers in their mobile moments. This means migrating from serving customers in your siloed branded apps with your own data to also serving customers wherever they are with shared data.

When over 2,500 people come to a webinar, you don't get to all the questions! That's why our experts are answering 25 of the best in this ebook. Jason Miller leads global content and social media marketing for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, is the author of the best-selling Welcome to the Funnel, and is one of the most requested B2B marketing speakers on the circuit. Pawan Deshpande is the founder of Curata and blogs on Content Marketing Institute, CMO.com, Forbes, and other top publications.