In this guide, we’ll explore some of the biggest online marketing trends that you’ll be likely to encounter in the next few years, along with some tips for how you can capitalize on them. Specifically, we'll help you prepare for a future that's...personalized, integrated, native, data-driven, and mobile (and beyond). From smart content, to integrated sales/services/marketing platforms, to internet-enabled refrigerators, this guide will help you prepare for the technology (and corresponding tactics) that lie ahead.

Consumers demand personalized, relevant experiences. Marketers know they have to deliver or risk losing business to competitors and leaving significant money on the table. And yet, many brands continue to struggle to orchestrate customer interactions across channels or understand the customer journey. In this guide for marketers, we'll address those challenges by taking a closer look at how smarter engagements can help brands forge stronger customer relationships.

85% will invest more in promotional efforts this year as a third of consumers plan to spend over $250 per child. Based on the findings of a consumer survey, retailer survey and internal retailer data analysis from RetailMeNot, mobile and social will continue to be an increasing priority for retailers, and back-to-school promotions will start earlier than ever before. But does this align with how and when consumers plan to hit the stores? Find out when and how consumers are back-to-school shopping and what your competition is planning in our full 360-degree guide.

Email delivery is an outcome easy to take for granted, but the objective industry experts at 250ok have measured that 28% of all sent email is rejected by receiving systems or lands in the spam folder—in other words, with most email delivery options, more than one in four emails never arrives in the inbox! That’s an astonishing failure, when you consider the real-world impact of undelivered messages—missing revenue, decreased customer engagement, and operational inefficiencies. Ignoring message deliverability quite literally means leaving money on the table.