Yes Lifecycle Marketing analyzed more than 7 billion emails sent in Q3 2017 to identify how changing consumer behaviors and new email standards dictated by leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have influenced overall email engagement. Key findings include: The dominance of Gmail, the use of non-traditional themes, declining email engagement. Download the report to learn actionable email strategies to address these trends and enhance email engagement as we head into the holiday season.

If you’ve ever wondered, “How am I doing?” when it comes to implementing an omni-channel marketing strategy, then rest assured—you’re not alone. Providing a relevant, engaging customer experience across all channels is easier said than done, and it can be challenging to gauge how well you’re performing. Download our readiness assessment to determine the current state of your marketing organization, as well as actionable next steps on the journey to omni-channel marketing.

Think about your marketing stack. Odds are, you have automation tools in place to help you better engage with your audience based on their interactions and personal preferences. Why aren't you also using marketing automation for your app? We put together a 5 step guide to help you automate your app to accomplish: Personalizing your mobile messaging to your end user, data-driven insights on campaigns to better engage with your audience, and real-life mobile messaging examples you can learn from.

Brick and mortar retailers are under enormous pressure. Store traffic is declining. Customers are moving online. Competition from e-commerce and mass merchants is fierce. Yet retailers with stores are in a unique position to win on omnichannel CX. Download the e-book to learn how to: Follow a tested five-step model for measuring and improving CX in your retail business, measure store customer experience and take the guesswork out of your store sales model, and uncover the elusive store non-purchaser and close the conversion gap.