Using intent data for customer acquisition and retention is important for marketers, but data challenges hold marketers back from utilizing the full potential of intent data. Winning the attention of new customers is only getting harder as media exposures proliferate and users become further desensitized to advertising.1 Delivering meaningful and relevant messages to valuable prospects is one way to ensure that advertising makes an impact, and intent data can enhance digital advertising efforts when used appropriately for prospecting and retention strategies.

In a June 2015 study by Lewis PR, 84% of senior marketers worldwide said multichannel marketing was a key focus of their current marketing strategy, and the same percentage intended to increase marketing spending on such campaigns in the coming year. When asked about the biggest challenges to multichannel marketing, nearly a quarter of respondents said they lacked the time and resources to develop and execute multichannel campaigns, and the same percentage struggled to get buy-in at the board level.

The Role of DMPs in the Era of Data-Driven Advertising report shows that data management platforms (DMPs) are playing an increasingly important role in supporting effective marketing.

The research, part of a new Modern Marketing Actionable Insights Series launched in partnership with Oracle Marketing Cloud, looks at why companies are introducing these increasingly influential technology platforms and the challenges which prevent them being used to maximum effect.

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Millward Brown Digital and Millward Brown Optimor partnered on a quantitative and qualitative study of marketing executives to better understand the pain points preventing their teams from achieving marketing nirvana. In some respects, the observations mirrored what we’ve been hearing for the past several years. Tracking return on investment, developing a cohesive strategy, and understanding the consumer are not new concepts, but achieving them in an everevolving digital world has added a new set of challenges.