Technology has changed: smart phones and tablets, and wearables have changed when and where, and even how we interact with our emails. What once required you to sit down at a computer is now something you can do on the train, on a plane, or just on-the-go. But email is still the beating heart of most marketing campaigns - particularly for B2B marketers. While there are a lot of ways to build a good email, nothing is as inspiring as seeing how other people do it. So we've compiled 7 of the most inspiring email templates from B2B companies of all sizes and industries.

It’s been clear for a while that using multiple messaging channels to reach customers has a positive effect. But there’s a big difference between knowing that a cross-channel strategy is smart business and understanding just how much adding a second (or third) marketing channel can boost engagement. Braze (formerly Appboy) has the full scoop on what cross-channel can mean for engagement—from how each channel drives engagement to what combinations have the biggest lift. Here’s what you need to know.

If one bad experience is enough to stop a customer from doing business with a brand, what does that say about the mounting expectations that marketers are facing? Consumers are not just comparing their experiences with your brand against those they’ve had with your direct competitors; today, they’re comparing their experiences with your brand against the best experiences they’ve ever had — with any brand. There’s little doubt that optimizing your customer journeys makes sense for your brand and your bottom line; but it’s easier said than done.

Did you know that 40% of marketers say that their measurement needs improvement? As the availability of data around key buyer interactions catapults marketers to the forefront of a company's revenue strategy, you're being asked now more than ever before how your programs impact pipeline and revenue. Are you adopting measurement best-practices? How does your company stack up? Download our new infographic to learn more about the current state of marketing measurement and where to focus your efforts.