As marketers continue to explore methods of advertising – social, search, email – it’s now possible to reach consumers anytime, anywhere. In this increasingly digitized world, some businesses have discounted the value of direct mail. However, recent research has revealed that overall engagement remains high, particularly among Millennials. Heightened engagement both with mail and new media provides opportunity for campaigns to reach consumers across multiple touchpoints, increasing impact.

This eBook, A Guide to Omnichannel Campaign Measurement, will give you a valuable start on improving the return on your marketing spend. It will help you: Understand the importance of leveraging both digital and offline channel data for holistic and accurate measurement, learn how investing in accurately designed test-and-control experiments increases the effectiveness of your campaigns, and discover how laying a unified data foundation for your marketing and advertising ecosystem enables accurate measurement.

As more people turn to apps, there's plenty of opportunity for brands to build longer, more valuable relationships with their users. Now you just need to know where to focus your strategy, and we're here to help. In our free 2018 App Marketing Guide, we analyzed the big events, trends, and data behind mobile marketing in 2017. It covers everything that’s going to drive the best in mobile engagement and analytics this year. Inside, you’ll find out why: Onboarding matters more than ever, Rich push notifications get better results for marketers, A.I.