Virtual Identity And New Consumer Behavior - The Role Of Mobile Marketing

As a part of a new virtual world, paper examines social and
marketing environment according to the user level of involvement in virtual
life. New marketing is present 24 hours a day and is becoming very unique
per each client. Virtual identity of the company tries to be involved in
customer everyday life and become its inevitable part. Mobile marketing is
a relatively new branch of marketing, referring to the two-way marketing
communication between company and customers that takes place via
mobile devices whose importance in the past years constantly grows. The
aim of this paper is to point out role and importance of the mobile
marketing in the new reality and its function in a process of generating
virtual identity of the company. The emergence of mobile marketing does
not substantially change the system of marketing management but gives
marketing experts new efficient tool by which they can easily reach a huge
number of new clients. Thus, marketing experts have to adjust strategies to
new technologies and media while marketing essence remains unchanged.

European Scientific Journal
Krajnovic, Alecksandra; Bosna Jurica; Nincevic, Sime
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