Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Browsers: How Usage, Ad Spending and Mobile Commerce Sales Differ by Channel

The mobile app vs. mobile web debate reignited in 2014 when multiple sources reported mobile users spent roughly 80% of their time using apps and 20% of the time using mobile websites. For many, these findings raised familiar questions about the need for an app, and the value of a mobile website.

  • How do consumers choose which channel to use?
  • Of the total amount spent on mobile advertising in the US, how much is spent to advertise in apps vs. mobile websites?
  • Why do mobile websites generate a larger share of mcommerce sales?

"Highlights of this research include eMarketer’s inaugural forecast on the size of the US app-using audience and the outlook for growth through 2018, as well as eMarketer’s forward-looking estimate on the share of mobile ad dollars spent to serve ads in mobile apps vs. mobile websites."


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